Netflix Bringing Spy Kids Franchise Back To Film Roots

If you were a kid in the 2000s, you probably remember the film franchise, Spy Kids. It defined the 2000s and found great cult success later in life. Now that the IP has laid dormant for years now, with its latest film being a decade old and its only spin-off being a TV show back in 2018, Spy Kids: Mission Critical, which only lasted two 10-episode seasons, with both releasing in the same year.

Now, Netflix is officially bringing Spy Kids back to their roots with a new flick with none other than Robert Rodriguez, who’s fresh off The Book of Boba Fett, writing, directing, and producing the film, according to THR.

The plot and cast of the upcoming revival are kept under wraps currently, but its intent is to introduce a new family of spies, which seems like they only way they could go thanks to its long-winded stint of nothing.