Taron Egerton Passed Up Playing Han Solo Because He “Just Didn’t Feel It”

Han Solo is a pretty notable person in the Star Wars universe and most would think this role would be a big deal to most any young actor when in 2018, they were looking for someone to play the titular character in Solo. Well, as it turns out, Taron Egerton was in the running, but didn’t feel like the role was a good fit for him.

Before kicking off, it was rumored that the Kingsman actor was poised to take home the leading role, but evidently, he passed the role onto Alden Ehrenreich. Sure, it was only a rumor, but as it turned out, it was very much true with the actor recently coming forward to discuss the matter. He took the center stage on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast where he admitted that he was rather close to actually landing the role.

According to Egerton, he was on set on the Falcon next to Chewie and in full costume. He felt great. But, evidently, he didn’t want to do it for a few reasons. While part of it was him not “feeling it,” as he told Josh Horowitz on the podcast, there was a fair bit more to it.

“I felt that– I mean, I’ll be honest, I got on the Falcon. I was with Chewie. I was in the full costume… and I… you know what, that’s what I felt like. I felt like I got there, I did it, I lived it. And there was one more… there was another round that I decided not to do. And it’s far enough in the past now that I feel I can say that. I hope no one feels annoyed that I have said it. But it just felt to me like I didn’t feel; like you know when we mentioned earlier. That thing when I read the Kingsman script and I was like, ‘This is– I’ve gotta do this. This is my part.’ I just didn’t feel it.”

Further discussing the matter, Egerton mentioned how he didn’t want to follow the legend that is Harrison Ford. This decision wasn’t too stupid to make either, as many fans didn’t hold back when comparing Ehrenreich and Ford. It’s also arguable that the actor dodged the bullet as the film ended up not doing so hot in the box office.