About Audvised

Audvised was founded at the beginning of 2018 under a different name as a go-to source for all things pop culture by Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger. First started as a site to subsidize a YouTube channel called PixelBay, it quickly grew into its own thing.

We later decided to change the name in favor of a better name — ReplayWire — until our content started to skew further into the gaming realm where we once again changed our name to Quicksaved.

We then again had a shift of content in 2022, but instead of honing in on naming it something that would fit the new TV/film focus, we wanted to do something bigger and Audvised (as a reference to “audio visual,” which can fit into both TV/film and gaming snugly) was decided.

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Gabriel Stanford-Reisinger

Christian Anderson
Senior Reporter

Alex Moretti