Take-Two Interactive: The WORST E3 Presentation Ever!

I’m utterly stunned by the Take-Two Interactive E3 presentation. Not by the amazing games they have planned or new technology to ease development, because there was none. Forty-five minutes of everyone’s life being drained and wasted by the most boring, uneventful, and laziest presentation. Literally, nothing was shown. It was a 45 minutes of a teacher’s zoom call. That is no exaggeration.

Poor Presentation

Seriously, the entire presentation was just a bunch of corporates on a Zoom call with a white background. The only production value they had was terrible green screening and red text swirling above them. Say what you want about previous E3 presentation. At least they has something going for them like flashy expensive effects, cringe bad jokes or skits, or, most importantly, they talked about or showed their upcoming games/hardware! Instead, they used an hour of everyone’s time to lecture us about politics, equality, and diversity.

This Is A Game Conference. Not A Classroom.

There is a time and place too discuss about those, but E3 isn’t it. E3 should be a place showcasing the latest breakthroughs of technological gaming advancements and exciting new releases. Not about politics and lecturing your community. The entire time I was watching, I saw the live chat being filled with negativity.

Viewers were leaving comments about how bored they were, what a waste of time this was, asking where are the games, or hating the entirety of it. In fact, if you go to any livestream of this, you will see no one enjoyed this schlock. Why on Earth did they think their community would enjoy this? I have never seen a publisher so out of touch with their community.

Originally, Gearbox held the title of worst E3 2021 presentation, but Take-Two Interactive snatches that title easily. Gearbox at least talked about upcoming projects like the Borderlands movie and Tiny Tina’s Wonderland. They didn’t show much of either of those, yet, those are a million times more interesting to discuss than anything Take-Two had. I can say without a doubt in the world – this is the worst E3 presentation ever!