Rebranding Quicksaved To Audvised

Hi everyone! It’s Gabe here. So, as you may notice as you’ve been redirected to Audvised that Quicksaved is no longer running under the same name. This is for a couple reasons. First off…


Quicksaved, which started life as PixelBay in 2018, was my first ever site, I initially used a site design software to make it and maintain it, the first few months of the site looked — admittedly — God awful as I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. This seeped into when we followed through using WordPress after Drupal’s more complicated nature got the better of me and we lost a great deal of content.

Jump forward a year later and we had our first name change to ReplayWire. I did this because of a few reasons. While I liked the ring of “PixelBay,” I felt like using a .com domain was a better option and had no intentions of trying to acquire the domain with what little money I had. So, I decided to simply rebrand the site. I also felt the name was hindering us getting noticed thanks to the similarly named “Pixabay.”

After a while we fell off of TV and movie coverage altogether when the team started to fade and the site was only ghostly maintained with a post here and a post there — mostly gaming related. I was under the thought everyone was like me and that a big change would invoke a spark of interest in the backend peeps. The site was back with gaming content as its focus and I shifted the name to Quicksaved at the tail-end of 2020.


The other — arguably biggest — reason for the name change is I also bolstered its hosting. I was bad managing websites and one of the problems I faced and have since started resolving is the sizable file size the site takes up. It’s about 3GB, which might not sound like a lot, but trust me it isn’t small for a website.

This comes down to a few reasons. Not-so-great image optimization is chief among them. For like two years, the featured images I’d put out there were high-quality images that were as big as 1920×1080. It wasn’t until around mid-2019 that I started shifting image sizes to be a bit more manageable. It’s also down to the age and type of site we are. We are a modest site with just shy of 400 articles, but everything counts and with the poor image optimization and my insistence to get my money’s worth, so I tacked on add-on sites to eat up even more of the hosting package’s resources so I could feel good about how much I pay.

Why Audvised And What’s Next?

Here we are with another name, but this time, there’s a catch. Audvised is a reference to “audio visual,” which can relate to just about any medium we can branch out into. As for the future, who’s to say? I do want to remind people that we’re always on the lookout for volunteer talent for all sorts of stuff. If you want to get involved and think you want to dip your foot into the realm of entertainment — doesn’t have to just be games — journalism, we’re here to help.

It would also mean the world to us if you took the time to follow us on social media!

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